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Your toddler laughing helplessly while you tickle them. Your daughter’s joyful, full-toothed smile at your spouse’s funny joke. Your son’s chubby little hand in yours. These are the moments that make up your story – your family’s story.

As a mom now myself the only thing I love and appreciate more than spending time with my own family is capturing yours.

I know the struggle is real when it comes to scheduling a family photo session. You don’t know what all of your family members should wear. You don’t know where you’d like the session to take place. And most importantly, you have no idea what you’re going to do with your pictures after they’re taken! Print them out for frames? Leave them on a thumb drive until it’s time to create holiday cards?

Having updated family portraits done can begin to feel a bit overwhelming. One of the many reasons you probably haven’t scheduled a family session yet, or you did once and are in no rush to do it again anytime soon. But don’t worry – I’m here to change all of that.

As a full-service photographer, I pride myself on helping you make all of the little decisions so you can focus on the big picture: your love for your family.

Let’s redefine photography together – use me for ideas, advice and tips I’ve gained from years of experience. At the end of our journey, you and your loved ones will have made more memories, and most importantly, you will have a timeless heirloom that perfectly captures the moments you always want to remember as part of your family’s story.

The Planning


When you think about scheduling a family photo shoot, you probably think about the beautiful finished product. It’s when the planning starts that the stress hits. How will you get all the children smiling at the same time? Where can you find coordinating outfits that work?

That’s when I show up, with coffee or a bottle of wine (your choice), and we can talk through the options. We’ll have already chatted on the phone about what you’re looking for, but it’s during the prep session that your ideas start to take shape.

We’ll take a look at your home’s walls and see if there is an opportunity for a gallery wall or feature piece installation we can keep in mind during our photo session. Your preferred design colors and your home’s interiors can guide our wardrobe and shoot location decisions. And before I leave we will have firmed up your wardrobe selections so there is no anxiety about what to wear. 

The Session


The day is finally here! This is the stage I love best, and I want you to love it too. We will reserve 60-90 minutes for you to laugh, hug, play and enjoy your time together as a family, and I’ll capture every minute. When you know the details are covered, you’re relaxed. You and your family’s personality will come through and provide the true inspiration for every shot.


I am happy to do whatever it takes to make your kiddos smile, whether it’s a silly dance, singing or balancing their favorite toy on my head, there isn’t much I won’t do.


Feel free to bring a few items that resonate with your child and/or your family so that their interests can be documented and preserved. Perhaps it’s a book they love to read each night at bedtime or the lovey they have snuggled with since they were a newborn. Their expressions with these treasures are priceless! I also love to bring a prop or two to add some fun dimension and texture to our images.

The Presentation


I know, I know. You just can’t wait to see the results of our fun, energetic session! That’s when I show up, with coffee or a bottle of wine (again), and we not only see your images for the first time we narrow down to your absolute favorites so you can decide on creating an album and/or a gallery wall to enjoy. Seeing your reaction to viewing the story we made together for the first time is one of the many reasons why I do what I do! I want to create walls that make you smile each time you walk past and albums that encourage storytelling with your little ones at bedtime.


When we meet for our reveal, we’ll do more than just “ooh” and “ahh.” You’ll experience the satisfaction of seeing your photos take a physical shape. From custom-framed prints to hand-selected albums, together we will create priceless treasures you’ll cherish forever. Visit my studio, or I’ll come to you and help you pick the final shots.


The Future


Whether baby #1 is on the way or your youngest is about to leave the nest (and for all of the stages in between), Jamie Isherwood Photography can help you create tangible, decorative art from the family moments you hold dear.


Are you ready to talk over your ideas? Give me a call! I can’t wait to meet you and capture your family’s story together, Jamie xo


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